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Diffusional Arts is an independent video game company based in Toronto, Canada. The studio is run by a single developer who founded the company, Mishal Alam. Most of the tools, techniques and development skills used to develop my titles have been self taught with countless hours of trial and error.

While the company is still quite new, it is my primary goal to develop and serve awesome and original video games to anyone that takes an interest in gaming. Diffusional Arts is the start of something small in the giagantic game industry, awaiting to leave a legacy behind...


The company was founded in Spring 2013. Originally, the studio was founded to develop fun and original indie titles primarily released for PC/Mac. The company's first title is being developed under the name "Project Vex".


Diffusional Arts is currently working on a game codenamed "Project Vex". It is a unique tactical isometric shooter being released for PC and Mac. You can check out more information here.


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